The “yachad ostracon” found at Qumran

Greg Doudna, “Ostraca KhQ1 and KhQ2 from the cemetery of Qumran: a new edition”, in E. Ben-Zvi, ed., Perspectives on Hebrew Scriptures II. Comprising the contents of Journal of Hebrew Scriptures vol. 5 (Piscataway, NJ: Gorgias Press, 2007), pp. 59-116.

(Contents of this volume can be viewed on google books.)

Two ostraca–potsherds with writing–known as KhQ1 and KhQ2 were found outside the east wall at Qumran in 1996. The editors, Frank Cross and Esther Eshel, identified KhQ1 as a deed of gift of property from a new member to a religious community at Qumran in a manner enjoined by the Community Rule (1QS)–one of the most important Qumran texts. It was claimed that KhQ1 provided the first direct evidence that the Community Rule was practiced at Qumran. In what I believe remains the most detailed analysis of these texts undertaken in scholarly literature, my article presents new readings of KhQ1 and KhQ2 and takes up the question of whether KhQ1 can confirm or exclude the community-gift interpretation on the basis of an accurate reading of the text.

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