Allusions to the End of the Hasmonean Dynasty in Pesher Nahum (4Q169)

Gregory L. Doudna, “Allusions to the End of the Hasmonean Dynasty in Pesher Nahum (4Q169)”, in George Brooke and Jesper Høgenhaven, eds, The Mermaid and the Partridge. Essays from the Copenhagen Conference [June 2009] on Revising Texts from Cave Four (STJD 96; Leiden: Brill, 2011), pp. 259-78.

With the permission of the publisher I am making this article accessible on this website (here) since the book may be difficult to obtain (US$165 if ordered from Brill in The Netherlands).

This article argues that the Wicked Priest of Pesher Habakkuk was the final Hasmonean king, Antigonus Mattathias (ruled 40-37 BCE), an identification not previously proposed in Qumran scholarship. It is argued that the Teacher of Righteousness was Antigonus’s exiled adversary, Hyrcanus II (high priest 76-67 and 63-40 BCE). It is argued that the Community Rule texts (1QS and 4QS copies) do not reflect opposition to the temple or its priests. The article contains developments and corrections from my earlier 2001 study, 4Q Pesher Nahum: A Critical Edition.

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