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The “yachad ostracon” found at Qumran

Greg Doudna, “Ostraca KhQ1 and KhQ2 from the cemetery of Qumran: a new edition”, in E. Ben-Zvi, ed., Perspectives on Hebrew Scriptures II. Comprising the contents of Journal of Hebrew Scriptures vol. 5 (Piscataway, NJ: Gorgias Press, 2007), pp. 59-116. … Continue reading

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The Legacy of an Error in Archaeological Interpretation: the Dating of the Qumran Cave Scroll Deposits

In this article, delivered as a paper in 2002 at a Qumran archaeology conference and published in 2006, I argued that the scholarly belief in the dating of the scroll deposits in the caves around Qumran at the time of … Continue reading

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Allusions to the End of the Hasmonean Dynasty in Pesher Nahum (4Q169)

Gregory L. Doudna, “Allusions to the End of the Hasmonean Dynasty in Pesher Nahum (4Q169)”, in George Brooke and Jesper Høgenhaven, eds, The Mermaid and the Partridge. Essays from the Copenhagen Conference [June 2009] on Revising Texts from Cave Four … Continue reading

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